• Back to School Night

    Posted by Julius Clark on 9/15/2023

    Dear Parents and Guardians:


    I want to remind everyone that our annual Back to School Night program will be held on Thursday, September 21, beginning at 6:50 PM.  The evening is a great opportunity for families to visit our school, meet our outstanding faculty, and get a sense of student life at RBR.  


    To help you to make the most of your visit, please follow these procedures:


    1. Please make sure that you can sign in to your Genesis Parent Portal to view your child(ren)’s schedule. If you do not yet have access to the Parent Portal, please complete this form.  Please make sure to view the list view to see classes for both A and B day.  Upon arrival, report directly to your student’s Block 1A class. STS (Student to Student) peer leaders will be available to help with directions.  On the second page, we have provided you with a template to input your child’s schedule for your convenience.

    2. Each class meets for approximately 10 minutes.  (See schedule below) Due to limited time, please refrain from asking questions specific to your student.

    3. If your child does have a Study Hall in the “Module” period, you may visit the “BUC Stop” (our school store) and other tables stationed around the school.   This is a great time to join the BUC Backers, our family/school support organization.  The Media Center is also open if you would like to stop by.

    4. The Genesis Parent Portal is one of RBR’s main forms of communication (i.e. school forms and email blasts).  If you are not signed up for the Genesis Parent Portal, it’s imperative that you do so.  This can be done at our School Counseling tables  stationed in the Commons. 


    PRINCIPAL’S WELCOME - 6:55 pm in Block 1A class

    Block 1A


    Block 1B


    Block 2A


    Block 2B


    Block 3A


    Block 3B


    Block 4A


    Block 4B


    Mod PE and Academic Seminar


    There will also be four special presentations prior to the start of BTSN for families:

    6:00 - 6:30 - Spanish Speaking Parent Meeting, Media Center

    6:15 - 6:50 - IB Information Session, Room 140

    6:15 - 6:30- Title One Funding Information Session, Auditorium

    6:30 - 6:50 - 9th Grade Parent Meeting, Auditorium

    A reminder that Friday, September 22 will be a two-hour delayed opening.  

    • Be sure to save the date of November 16 for individual parent/teacher conferences.  


    We are looking forward to seeing you!




    Julius W. Clark

    Julius W. Clark

    Student Name: ____________________



    Room #

    Block 1A - 7:00-7:09 


    Block 2A - 7:13-7:22  


    Block 3A - 7:26-7:35


    Block 4A - 7:39-7:48


    Block 1B - 7:52-8:01


    Block 2B - 8:05-8:14


    Block 3B - 8:18-8:27


    Block 4B - 8:31-8:40


    Mod PE and Academic Seminar - 8:44-8:53


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