Critical Update Nov. 18th

Posted by Dr. Louis Moore on 11/18/2020

November 18, 2020


Dear Families and Students,


We have continued to work with the Monmouth County Health Commission to share information and take appropriate action to maximize everyone’s health and safety while doing our best to maintain continuity in our school programs.


There continues to be no evidence of community transmission of the virus within our school.  Unfortunately, because of the high transmission rate in our community and a significant number of our students testing positive for the virus this week, in-person learning will be suspended until Wednesday, November 25.  We hope to resume in-person programs on Monday, November 30.


I realize that this news is disappointing and frustrating.  I share these sentiments.  I also know that RBR and other schools are doing our best to stop the spread of the virus.  Because of strict adherence to protocols--mask wearing, social distancing, and strictly following the advice of public health experts--we have minimized transmission within our zone of influence.  Now the  larger community needs to do all that can be done to stop the spread of the virus.   This includes ceasing social activities that can spread the virus.


Please continue following the Centers for Disease Control Prevention safeguards:


  • Staying home when you are sick;
  • Washing hands often with soap for at least 20 seconds;
  • Covering coughs and sneezes and properly disposing of tissues;
  • Limiting close contact with people who are sick and not sharing food, drinks and utensils;
  • Practicing social distancing;
  • Wearing masks;
  • Continuing to monitor your health for symptoms.


A reminder there will be meals available for pick up at the front entrance to the High School at these dates at no cost:

  •       Monday November 23rd from 2pm to 4pm and 
  •       Wednesday November 25th from 12noon through 2pm.

Thank you for your support and continued efforts to keep everyone safe and healthy.



Louis Moore